a retail fertilizer management simulation.                         



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Welcome to ProStar3T.
  • ProStar3T is a simulation designed in the Department of Agriculture at Illinois State University. Players manage a retail fertilizer and chemical,stock held,competitive market place.
  • Note: You need to use Internet Explorer 5.0 or above to access the site. Access  is not possible with  NetScape at this time. You will also need to have JavaScript enabled in your web browser. For instructions, click on Enabling Javascript.
  • Players submit decisions online. The simulation can be run after the last team in a market submits decisions.It produces reports that are displayed and made accessible to players and facilitators or Instructors.
  • Facilitators or Instructors manage team, market and player details via the ProStar web site. Contact your facilitator or instructor for information on how to pay for the use of and gain access to the ProStar simulation. 

    PI: Dr. Patrick D. O'Rourke
    Project Team :
    Vivek Saxena and Gaurav Gaikwad